Pai gow may not be the most popular game to play, it is surely an interesting and rewarding one that players will enjoy. This article explains everything about the game. Go to 1001-olinecasino for the guides on casino bonuses.

The Objective of Pai Gow

The game's objective is to form the best high hand and low hand possible from 7 cards. The dealer will also form his own high and low hands that will be compared with that of the player.

Hands in pai gow follow the same rankings as with other kinds of poker game. The high hand is formed with 5 cards while the low hand is formed with 2 cards, making a total of 7.

How to Play

Playing the game is easy. After placing your bets according to the defined bet table of the game, the dealer will issue you 7 cards from which you will form the high and low hands.

The high hand must have a higher value than the low hand, otherwise, you lose. And since the low hand is two cards, you can only have a pair as the best hand to create with it.

Pai Gow Winnings

Winnings in pai gow are determined by who has the best hands. If both your hands are better, then you win, and the same goes for the dealer. However, if only one of your hands is better, it's a push.

A push means that the initial bet will be moved to the next game round, so you don't lose your money. However, check the rules of the pai gow variation you are playing as some don't allow push.

What Happens If It Is a Tie?

If both the dealer's and player's hands are a tie, then the dealer wins. For this reason, the game has a house edge that favours the online casino, but you can surely win big from it too.

Every variation of pai gow has a defined payout for winning made. If you are playing online, you can easily check what the payout is by accessing the paytable section in the game's information menu.

Pai Gow Free

There are several betting sites and developers that offer pai gow in free mode. By playing the free mode of the game, you can become even more familiar with the gameplay and practice it without risking money.

Aside from that, you can create or test strategies that when applied can help increase the chances you have to win. Nevertheless, bear in mind that pai gow in free mode does not offer players actual money winnings.